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Payroll, PAYE and CIS

Ensuring that your staff are paid accurately with the correct amounts of Tax and National Insurance deductions and on time as well as in accordance with HMRC rules is a key area of the business.

With ever changing regulation as well as rates and limits for National Insurance and indeed Tax this can be a minefield for Employers. In addition, with the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) and the Auto Enrolment Pension Regime it becomes even more complex and, where not operated correctly can become a costly affair.

Eagle Accountancy has a specialised Payroll Team dedicated to dealing only with your payroll requirements and can give the employer peace of mind that their payroll will be run on time, in ‘real time’ and accurately! Releasing you the Employer from this task as well as the regularities that come with it allows you to spend time doing what you do best…running your business!!

We can prepare your payroll whether this be weekly, fortnightly or monthly on any day that suits you and whether it be from one staff member through to hundreds of employees. We can provide you with all the necessary reports in order for you to pay your staff as and when required. We provide each employee with electronic payslips (and a Smart Phone App!) so they never need to bother you again for lost or missing payslips and this also incorporates electronic P60’s and pension contribution deductions where appropriate.

We provide timely reports of the payroll to the employer in any format they require and provide them with a summary of PAYE due and how and when to pay it….we can even deal with paying your PAYE and your staff also! We will ensure your obligations under RTI (as above) are met in accordance with HMRC and will ensure that you comply with all your Auto Enrolment duties at every payroll period. Employer duties for Auto Enrolment are now extremely complex and there are numerous checks that need to be made each and every time the payroll is run…we use award winning software and, with our team of experts, you can be assured that your obligations under this regime are fully met!

Furthermore, we are able to advise on any employee issues you may have from holiday and sick pay rights, maternity/paternity/adoption pay rights, redundancy obligations as well as your rights and obligations as an employer…..again all this for one fixed fee!

Our team have in excess of 40 years of experience in this field giving you the peace of mind that we will get it right first time, all of the time….for you as the employer.

Our Payroll Services include the following:

  • Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Payroll
  • From 1 employee through to large scale payroll processing
  • Electronic Submissions to HMRC in accordance with Real Time Information and Auto Enrolment pension obligations
  • Electronic Payslips and end of Year P60s and Pension Reporting for each employee including SmartPhone App
  • Full Reports for Employer including Total Tax, and NI deductions and the necessary payments due for HMRC including deadlines for payment and how to pay
  • Specific tailored reports for the Employer
  • RTI Filing electronically with HMRC
  • Auto Enrolment Reports including ALL required Electronic letters for Employees to help them understand ‘how it works’ and how it will affect them and much more!
  • Your own dedicated Payroll Manager and all this for a FIXED MONTHLY FEE!!

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