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Inheritance Tax

It is estimated that in the UK alone over half a billion pounds is paid each year unnecessarily in Inheritance Tax to the government in one way or another, whether this be by way of lack of planning, unfamiliarity of the rules or through shear mis-advice it can have a dramatic impact on anyone’s estate and for those whom are due to inherit!

Leaving a legacy to your children and loved ones is paramount to many people and we can help you plan to achieve your goals.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in Inheritance Tax and especially Inheritance Tax planning to ensure any Inheritance Tax is mitigated to as low as possible and in most cases to zero!

With the ever changing rules, reliefs and allowance and limits available it is key that planning is done before it is too late….initial planning techniques and annual reviews ensure your inheritance/estate remains where it should be and not wasted by paying Inheritance Tax unnecessarily!

We regularly deal with all manner of estates whether this be of modest amounts through to significant valued high net worth estates, giving you the peace of mind that we will do our utmost to ensure the plans you have for your estate are adhered to in the most tax efficient manner as is possible.

Our Inheritance Tax Planning Service includes:

  • An assessment of your Estate summarising your Net Worth and the impact on your Estate
  • A breakdown of your Assets & Liabilities split between business and non-business assets along with associated reliefs available to mitigate tax
  • An initial calculation of any Inheritance Tax due based on your current Estate
  • An explanation, in plain English, of the most simple planning tools and allowances available to you
  • A full Tax Planning scenario providing you with a detailed report of how to mitigate Inheritance Tax ensuring maximisation of your Estate while taking full advantage of simple and advanced reliefs where appropriate
  • Guidance and advice on Life Insurance Trusts and the tax implication thereon
  • Annual reviews pending changes in law, reliefs and limits which can adapt your plan to suit current laws and legislation

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