Private Equity

Private Equity can be an extremely complex field whether your consideration is that of which business structure from limited company, Group companies or LLP’s (Limited Liability Partnership) through to extraction of income or profits, share structuring and even Carry Bonus Schemes…..these are highly complex to setup and it is imperative that they are done correctly from day one to ensure compliance and to ensure any and all tax advantages are secured for the long term.

Eagle Accountancy together with its partners are experienced in the above and can provide you with key guidance from the start to ensure compliance. We have experience in Funds Forecasting, IRR, Fund Lifecycles, Tax treatments, Performance Management & Reporting, Accounting Functions & Systems, Software Systems, Partnerships & Agreements, Management fees, Bonus Incentives, Profit Sharing, Draws, Carried Interest, as well as Project Analysis to name but a few.

We currently assist and deal with a number of such clients including those in the heart of London.

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