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The new Pension regime is now in place for a number of businesses and eventually all will need to comply with the Auto Enrolment (AE) Pension Regime Process.

The Government have introduced the scheme to ensure that your workers plan ahead for their future to attempt to ensure that employees invest in their retirement no matter how little an amount. There are strict rules in place for this and non-compliance will lead to penalties of both a financial and non-financial nature if the Employer does not implement their scheme in line with their Staging Date (the date you will need to ensure that your pension scheme is in place for your employees)… is important to plan ahead now and not wait until your staging date as schemes to be put in place can take time to setup….we are able to take the full burden of this away from you and setup your scheme ensuring you comply with the law.

Eagle Accountancy has already implemented a number of schemes of varying types and with our association and expertise we are able to provide you with direct guidance as to how this will affect your business, the associated costs involved, the tax implications thereon and provide a fully manage service from day one!

Each and every time you run payroll every employee needs to be reassessed, consideration must be given for what scheme to setup, there are employee and employer contributions payable, different categories of staff need to be assessed and even those employees who do not want to contribute to a scheme must be auto enrolled before opting out to ensure you as the employer comply. We can take this minefield away from you completely through our complete Auto Enrolment (AE) package again releasing you from this burden whilst ensuring you and your business fully comply.

Our Auto Enrolment package includes:

  • Initial assessment of your current systems in place for AE
  • Employee assessment showing which category each employee falls in to and your obligations to them as a result
  • Advise on your obligations as the Employer from initial setup of the scheme through to the weekly, fortnightly, monthly process (depending on how often your payroll is run)
  • Advice and guidance on software choices and systems which comply if needed
  • Advice on Employer and Employee minimum contribution levels as well as associated costs
  • Advice on the Tax Implications of Auto Enrolment
  • Setup running and maintaining the necessary reports and employee assessments each and every time your payroll is run
  • A fully managed package and again all at a FIXED FEE

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